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We believe that each clothing have its own life, soul, characteristic and an owner. We pursue and follow trends, but desire to be the unique one. Each clothing have its own name, and we tend to give each merchandise a certain meaning during the making process. By selecting clothes and knowing its own name is just like exploring our own life journey. Standing on the shoulders of giants, we pay our respects to great pioneers. With their efforts, we believe 1+1>2.

Remake Renew ReMe.

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2018 F/W Materialized Generation

Claw machine has become a popular trend in Taiwan since you could get a prize with just a few quarters. By starting the claw, you become the king of the claw machine world. Perhaps that our real world is a giant claw machine and people are the prizes. With all the educations, backgrounds and glory, we hope that ourself can be the lucky one, then to be chosen by the claw.